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Something clicked in me this morning
I am grateful for this beautiful message
One of love, protection, securing
Father, son, Holy Ghost, angel blesses

I will not be afraid of those men
God is my savior: this I know in my heart
I will live my life: fear back to them
Positive mind, positive energy guard

Grateful for the message received
I am God’s child: forever be
He stays with me, he walks with me
He loves me, he lifts me … I am free

I am God’s child: forever with thee

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

3 responses to “I KNOW I WILL BE OKAY”

  1. Lovely to hear you feeling stronger 💪

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ✨🤍


  2. thats the spirit! Chin up my friend! ❤


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