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My sadness knows
What my soul needs

My sadness knows
What people can’t give me

My sadness knows
What I won’t accept

My sadness knows
The sad reality

My sadness knows
My family denies me

My sadness knows
I won’t betray myself

My sadness knows
Family won’t be there for me

My sadness knows
Betrayed by patriarchs

My sadness knows
I have inner strength

My sadness learned
Rely on yourself

My sadness taught
My family won’t have my back

My sadness sees
People written off

My sadness flies
To rescue them

My sadness yearns
Help them find their voice

My sadness lives
To show people their worth

My sadness sees
The hurt look in others

My sadness has purpose
To give hope to others

My sadness knows
People feel forgotten

My sadness is there
For the abandoned

I embrace my sadness
I feel it: I am alive. Grateful. I survived.

My sadness knows …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise


2 responses to “SADNESS KNOWS”

  1. so powerful and beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you … been feeling my sadness more as reality sinks in of my family’s true colors … grateful I’m here … now it’s time to rebuild my life with my new reality ✨🤍🦋


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