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Set up my boundaries with you
Not to toss you as we’re through

Boundaries are there for a healthy life
To continue as siblings: no strife

Yet, I’m left hurt and questioning myself
Should I ignore my needs: boxed on the shelf

I know that’s not the way: I matter
My heart, mind, soul and story matter

Sad as siblings reality sinks in
My boundaries ignored: they’ve chosen their kin

Patriarch abusers win: two denial families
Victims squashed and caged to fit the perfect appearance tree

So, I’ll wave over to you from my boundary wall
It is really sad; hope you wake up and see your fall

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

4 responses to “THE WALL’S DOOR”

  1. Hugs. Sorry it has come to this! X

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    1. Thank you … I want a relationship with my siblings … but … they won’t validate my pain … it is as if there is no empathy … it is sad …


  2. It’s never easy, but often necessary.

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    1. Thank you … it is so hard and so sad

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