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Daughter born into this world
Hopes and dreams and fairy tales

Her dad, your dad, your uncle
You know what he did to her

You tell your sister: not hearing it
You say to her: he’s my dad, that’s it

How messed up is your f thinking!
Your sister is sad and sinking

Thank god she has it in her: fight for herself
What about ones with no fight: stuck on the shelf

She wants to rescue them all from their denial families
She wants them to know: I’m angry for you; shame’s on them they won’t see

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

4 responses to “BE ANGRY FOR HER”

  1. When I began to share with family members what happened to me when I was young, they were in utter shock and disbelief. At first. Thankfully, despite being told to keep quiet, someone told one of my aunts who told her 3 kids over 40 years ago. They all kept it to themselves until I began to speak out a few years ago. I was lucky that the only family I’ve lost are the utterly dysfunctional ones.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment … that means a lot … to know others understand … peace to you ✨🤍🦋

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  2. The evil that lurks in a home, can stalk a life for generations… even over time give birth, and sustenance to more of its ilk… such evil must not only be revealed, it should be broadcasted…!

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    1. I so agree! I need them to have my back … to be there for me … it is evil that needs light on it. Thank you for your words of validation. Peace

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