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Trauma, I don’t like you: a slimy fox
As I go through life: happiness ahead
And like the child toy Jack in the box
Out pops trauma’s triggers: those ugly heads

Makes my heart sad: so many people like me
Walking around: trauma inside to be healed
Humans weren’t created for evil decrees
Of inhumane wickedness: cruel business deals

I’m tired of you popping up, Jack
But, I want to live, so this I will continue
To crank up the Jack in the Box: attack
Can happen anytime out of the sky of blue

I know as I am further away from you
It is true what I saw and felt: emptiness here and there
Generational trauma: carnival feel crew
Fake lives: they told you to shut up, act happy in your chair

So, keep trying Jack with your empty ways
Even Tom, Dick and Harrys: so many to mention
I know your game: manipulating plays
This time it’s different: I will follow my intuition

My intuition: born with it in my soul
I follow it now: will not let others stop me
Jack, Tom, Dick and Harrys are the fools
Pumped up phony power is you: disgusting debris

Blessed I am free and I know all about you
Knocking down others: your cruel high when you see them squirm
When in fact, you are running from your carnival crew
That clan feel walk you all have: weak as a hunted worm

The life you are living: full of neglectful voids
Life you are living: full of sick emotional chains
Your life is one of a scared child: plays employed
Jack, Tom Dick and Harrys: living in haunted domains

So, I’ll keep winding up the toys
As out pops your ugly heads
Grateful I’m not part of your ploys
Cleaning to hide: betrayal trauma beds

Living despite of Jack and the Box scare tactics

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

2 responses to “JACK IN THE BOX”

  1. Keep focusing on yourself, and live all these emotions! Sometimes I feel trauma-work being similar to mourning: Firstly denial, then anger, then clinging and hope, then despair and depression, and only after all that, finally, acceptance.
    Only your healing is helping yourself, and through that, also others in their own suffering.
    Thanks for sharing this poem!

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your sharing. Yes, that’s how it feels … the stages. So many different emotions … but … I know I have to go through them all. Thank you for being here! 🤍

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