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Shades of yellow I choose
My coat, umbrella, shoes

Yellow stands for my true soul: kindness
You abusers: won’t ever possess

Blessed I am with empathy and compassion I carry
As for you abusers deep hate on themselves: all buried

I the victor: I am free now jumping in puddles
Abusers: still chained to their insecure troubles

So, I see clearly now abusers as you read this
It is all about your child hidden inadequacies

All dark you are inside abuser as you steal
Rip, punch, and devour souls like it’s your meal

Threaten, hurt, use with your inhumane toss
Faking and lies when we know the truth: you are an ugly loss

Each day your targets and flying monkeys will know
You, abusers, are a made up fake full-of-it sh*t show

As for I the victor: forever I will have my light
As for you abusers: you will never be right

As I end this: I will forever share my yellow
But not to abusers: can’t fix messed up fellows

May sound harsh this truth about abusers we know
We people of light stand: done with abusers’ fake woes

We have our power back!

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

9 responses to “I LOVE YELLOW”

  1. Its also the color of the solar plexus chakra which has to do with will and power so I understand you loving yellow.

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know that … thank you for letting me know. I also love yellow, too, for its cheerfulness I feel when I’m near that color. 💛

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      1. It really lifts the spirit doesn’t it.. ? ❤

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      2. Yes, yellow does lift the spirit! I remember my late maternal grandmother would suggest wearing bright colors on dark rainy days to lift the spirit. I will always remember that about her. 😊✨💛🦋


      3. She must have been so special 💃🌈


    1. Thank you 😊


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