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You are strong
Ignore abuser saying your memory is wrong

You are stars
Ignore abuser making fun of your scars

You are bright
Ignore abuser stealing your light

You are amazing
Ignore abuser’s raging

You are powerful
Ignore abuser saying you are pitiful

You are smart
Ignore abuser hurting your heart

You are real
Ignore abuser stomping on your feels

You are wise
Ignore abuser trying to demise

You are lovable
Ignore abuser saying you are cold heart chills

You are kind
Ignore abuser saying you are a stain

You are so much more
Ignore abuser: they can walk out the door

You are not alone
Stay: keep writing! Love reading your heartfelt story poems!

Open with care

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

3 responses to “DEAR FELLOW SURVIVORS”

  1. I needed to read this today.. being invalidated really leaves deep scars ❤️

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    1. I am so glad. We need to be reminded of our worth. We are worthy no matter what they say … peace to you 🤍✨🦋


      1. And to you. Sendingvyou light.

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