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Cannot think of you as human
If I do, then I will let you hurt me again
I thank God I am not like you
You will forever be the same

You go right to threats
You go right to trickery
You go right to manipulation
You go right to punishment

You are a low life
My mom was dying of heart failure and you said to me “she is dumb as a stump and I can win her over just like that” as you snapped your fingers in my face.
You are a low life.

I had my first child, you grabbed him out of arms and pushed my face into our marital bed
You are a low life

There is more and more
I am sick of you controlling me
Yet, still there is the part of me that feels bad for you
How can you be so cruel and evil?
You are a low life

Gave you so many years of my life and here you act like you are all superior
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with me? Feeling bad for you?
Won’t let you back in. You are a low life

I have to remind myself of your evil
I need my light back
You are not getting any of my attention
You know why?

Because you have no light of your own
You steal and take light from others
Sick and twisted forever you will be
You are a low life

No more stomping on me

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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