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There is a lot of good out there
Real ones: not false agenda care
Love doesn’t hurt: words and hand
Love listens to understand

Don’t let negativity in
Give it back and tell them
This message I don’t receive
Will no longer be deceived

Stay away from the ones
Who hurt: hand and word guns
Don’t let them do that to you
Hurt you as their temper brews

Keep that head up high
Eyes forward: chin to the sky
You are worthy of peace
Human value doesn’t decrease

Listen to that gut and leave
You’re not their anger reprieve
Even if you say you can take it
Don’t: people are not a punching hit

This is one life message for you
You are worthy of goodness, too
Stay away from evil as much as you want to fix it
You have a dream: go live your life bit

You are a masterpiece and a gift
Not a chair to toss or display thrift
Please remember these words each and every day
Beautiful souls don’t come with price tag pay

Protect your peace

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

2 responses to “PEACE PROTECTION”

  1. This resonates a lot. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad. You are very welcomed ✨


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