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Woke up this morning the same way
Ready to live: but those feelings stay

Feelings of feeling less
Feelings: not like the rest

Years of life: surviving
Waking up now: thriving

Except something stops me
I’m afraid of feeling free

I think it is because I do not feel worthy
Maybe I’m afraid it will be taken from me

So, I put my fun and free feelings on pause
In the corner like the past: true to the safe cause

I think it comes down to giving ourselves permission
That we are worthy of beautiful feelings and fun

Then, an idea popped in my mind
The one of freedom feeling kind

Perhaps it will help for some of us
Maybe for many or all of us

Visualize a permission slip if you will
Reads: you’re human and worthy now, not until

That it’s okay to experience joyfulness
That we are not less for what was done to us

What do you think: would you like a slip?
If you do, please take one: let’s abandon this victim ship

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise


  1. Yes.
    Neither it is about what was done to us,
    Nor it is about that we constantly have to prove ourselves.
    We, like everyone else, simply deserve.
    To love, and to feel being loved.

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    1. Exactly. We are born worthy and no one can take that away … nor do we need to prove our worth. We are not less. Peace to you … 🤍✨🦋


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