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I am living in fear
He put the fear in me
I try to act like I’m not afraid of him
But I am

I mean here he was my husband
and he threatened to throw me out a third floor window
He threatened to get a hit man on me

I am afraid of him
And he is probably reading this
And he’s
Happy that he still has control over me
And I hate that

I know I am brave
I know I can do hard things
I know I do hard things
I know I survived
I know I am thriving … but … am I?

I am still afraid of him
I hate that I have that fear of him
I hate that he has that hold on me

He is a scary man
I am sad writing this
I know I need to live
I want to do things and not be afraid

Maybe writing this out
Will remind me that I am a survivor
That he can’t hurt me anymore

Let’s be brave … we got this …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

6 responses to “CROSSWALK”

    1. Thank you … ✨

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      1. Mumford&Sons: After The Storm

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  1. This makes my heart break for you. It’s so wrong that men do this. Praying for you.

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    1. Thank you … ✨🙏🏻

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  2. You got this! Don’t let him win! xo

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