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I feel sad
I am not mad

What is going on
We have heard this for so long

Is this a lie
Said straight to the eye

Payors ignored: no answer
Is the reply in the guitar

Kindness is caring
Respect and sharing

Professionalism needed now
Ignoring the service paid: not allowed

Answers give peace to mind and heart
No service rendered: pulls apart

If this is not real
Then, what is the deal

Please don’t be fake
It is something this heart won’t take

Let the people know what is going on
Not acknowledging is frowned upon

We help you: you help us
Honesty is the answer to the mess

You can fix it: have faith in you
Answer the payors: be the glue

What’s going on? Please reply …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

One response to “WHAT IS GOING ON”

  1. Amazing poem here! ❤ ❤


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