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Blue and yellow
Over there
This sunflower
Needing care

A yellow mask
Shows we’re okay
Wears dawn to dusk
Years: day to day

Different than many
Used leaves on blue sunflower
Petals: sad angry
Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers

Some moments: certain days
Sadness florets sprung
But you will be okay
Sunflower to the sun

You matter: feel your sadness
Years of life taken from thee
On pause with sunflower mists
Yellows, blues on the stem trees

Flower message seeds shared today
Sunflowers are blue too they will see
Sad with feelings that come their way
Blue to yellow heal: sad sunflower free

Sunflowers get blue, too … it’s okay

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

6 responses to “SAD SUNFLOWER”

  1. I feel the deep sadness in this. I cry those tears so often for all of the lost years, very emotionally true.

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    1. Yes … wish I could get some years back 😞 … but … I am grateful to be here and as present as I can be … ✨🤍🦋


      1. We must live in the now and accept all the rest as a part of our evolution. It’s the best way forward.

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  2. i could feel the emotion in it !beautifully written

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment and for reading … ✨🤍


  3. this brought tears to my eyes! such a poignant poem! ❤


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