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We sit
Bird-wing clipped

Years of hurts
Have taken their toll
Years of threats
No longer feel whole

Peeked out the window
Afraid: sad mind
Thoughts will not let go
Felt left behind

Stuck we feel
Brain moves fast or slow
Heart concealed
Soul empty: on low

Sun arrives
Song to hear
Time to live
No more fear

Beautiful words have power
Kind messages to your heart and brain
An encouragement shower
Negativity out with the rain

Wings are unclipped and strong
We are ready to build our life
We know we do belong
To be ourselves: sing our song

Snakes, weasels, bats and foxes
We no longer fear
Tools are in our boxes
We have reappeared

We are building a new life …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

6 responses to “BIRDS OF PREY”

  1. So beautiful and talks of how it feels to be frozen or stuck in fawn responses. I have a post I want to share with you on this a fair while but I am in the way out. We can grow back those wings, we absolutely must

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    1. Yes … it is about being stuck … thank you for reading. Yes, must grow back our wings as I do not want to stay this way. Thank you for wanting to share a post; that’s thoughtful of you. That would be great!

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      1. Its a tough place to be and I can really relate..

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      2. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€βœ¨


  2. I wrote a fair while ago I mean..

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