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I know I am not the only one
This is what I see
People around me under the sun
Living: are they free?

Since I was a child of a young age
I saw injustice and hurts
I felt people’s pain and hidden rage
Spirits low: truths needing to burst

I wonder is it my projection?
I do not think this is the case
I am wired for protection
Stand with others: voice not erased

This is the part that confuses me
Feels lonely and pulls on heart and mind
Is there anyone else in the tree
Who sees what I see, or are hearts blind?

Now, this is the tricky and sad part
Wanting to raise my voice from the rooftop
Weaken bullies: educate victim hearts
Yet, met with the silencing guards: control cop

Grateful I have this ability to see from birth
Separated outcasts are we: overlooked
I will rescue others as much as I can on Earth
Educate, empower, cautiously support

Educate and empower … cautiously support … safe from fire storm

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

3 responses to “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE”

  1. Most empaths and highly sensitive people feel like this, Trauma may make you believe you are alone in feeling this but you are not.. Try to look for how you are connected, not everyone will get it but that is just life.

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    1. True … I am not alone … and … not everyone will get it … and that’s okay. Thank you for your insightful comment … ✨

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  2. We can help each other, your not alone!


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