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Hallelujah is what I say
As you you rose today: Easter Day
Thank you for the love and hope you give
To show us that we, too, will forever live

I love our time together alone
You let me know I am one of your own
Forever grateful to feel your presence here
Alone in this room; you hear my fear

I talk to you
You listen
I cry my blues
You listen

I ask for calmness
You give
I ask for strengthness
You give

When I need shelter to hide
You provide
When I my soul cries
You provide

When I am overwhelmed
You spirit comes
Shows me how to be still
Natures beauty fulfills

Goodnight Jesus, my friend
Together we are until the end
Glad we had our talk tonight
My soul featherlight

This I know to be true
All my love to you
Peace in my heart, mind and soul
Grateful I am for you: I am whole

Thank you, Jesus. Love you. Forever alive. Never alone. Peace in heart, mind and soul

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

6 responses to “DEAR JESUS”

  1. beautiful 🌹🙌😘😘


    1. Thank you! 🙏🏻🤍🦋✨


    1. 🙏🏻🤍🦋✨

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