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Healing and hoping
Smiling and coping
Listen and learn
Educate, know, yearn

Heartburn highway
So much to say
Families, society
Blinders on: will not see

Going through the day
Still wanting to say
Why don’t you understand this fright?
Why bury this voice of darkness light?

Victims, survivors, thrivers
of this heartburn trauma
We want to live: be free
No triggers haunting thee

But. This is how it goes.
We do our healing work
Realizing families may never wake
A heartburn pill we do not want to take

Pills do not fix society trauma

I know you want them to know
How much it hurts your heart and soul
I know you need to hear for your healing
We got you: we have understanding

Yet, families do not show discernment
We tell them about our trauma heartburn
How it keeps popping up: please be here for us
We didn’t sign up for this: don’t sweep us under the rug

You see these heartburn triggers are strong
Wanting to be with family: but hush is their theme song
I see you heartburn warriors
I am with you, too

We want people to have a hearing heart
This is what we needed from the start
Triggers will always be there
Checked off boxes in questionnaire

You are a warrior, please know this about you
It’s sad: it hurts that they don’t see what you go through
Please know warrior they may continue to disregard
But please live, love, heal and play: do not be deterred

… let’s live, love and play … we have our healing heart tools today

Your worth is not contingent on them
I know this can be hard to comprehend
You are worthy: it is them that cannot see
How much it hurts when they ignore your pleas

Heartburn trauma is what is there
They may never be able to care
This is the part that hurts
We wish families knew this first

Heartburn trauma warriors listen please
Let’s release the chains of our families
Some members may not have the ability
To hear, listen, stand with us and see

Others family members may see
But they don’t have that fighter ability
We can’t wait for them to take that protective stance
We’re warriors and will live: them in denial trance.

The medicine we need for us, me and you
Is not tums for heartburn family denial stew.
Those silence us to conform
Recipe for denial storm

The medicine we need for this heartburn
Is something we all have within
Love for ourselves: we forever have worth
No one can hurt us: god is on our turf

We will be protect our hearts and souls
Boundaries keep us alive and whole
Put away the silence heartburn tums
Let’s love and live: awaken heart drum

Healing hearts are awakening

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

6 responses to “HEARTBURN WARRIORS”

  1. I’m a heartburn warrior. 💪This was an amazing piece. You are spot on! Thank you for sharing.❤️✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello fellow heartburn warrior. Thank you for reading and your comments! We are not alone. We got this! Glad the words resonated with you. ✨

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just have the courage to live as you.. you do not need to convert anyone to your way of thinking.. live and let live..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true … I don’t need to change others thinking nor do I need their approval to live as I need … thank you ✨


      1. It takes such a long time and so much hurt and frustration to realize that. As long as we wrestle we are not free of enmeshment but its a huge journey in my experience to get there as its all too human to long to be truly seen.. nothing wrong in that at all. Hugs and love

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  3. A beautiful piece! I love it and I, too am a heartburn warrior! xoxo


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