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I’m with you today
I will never leave you
I hear what they say
I believe you

I feel the pain in your soul
I hear the words in your mind
I see the hurt on your heart
I know people are pulling you apart

I know your abuser is in your family
I know your abuser is father of your three
I know no one stands with you
As you tell them how they assaulted you

I know it does not make sense
How they are the ones on the defense
Yet, you are the one who was hurt
Your body and mind on high alert

I see you trying to be with the family
Hearing and seeing the abuser tree
I see you brace your body for protection
I see you hoping for their redirection

You try and you try to act like all is good
It doesn’t work: you need to be understood
Body is present yet mind drifts away
As you try to sit there as a family and stay

Tension builds in your body, frozen and doubt
Abusers smiling and laughing, moving freely about
They refuse to understand you and that’s what hurst the most
You want a family as you cry inside feeling like a ghost

Trying to survive with family … escape in mind and body

You can’t do it anymore for the sake of the family.
You know it is an illusion what they want to be
I know when you stand up for yourself now
Your family alienates you or holds you down.

But listen carefully to what I have to say
You know the truth, don’t be swayed
Keep your head up and know
This is the hard healing part as you grow

I know it hurts: your discomfort they don’t see
I know you keep waiting for them to agree
It hurts you so much to stuff the hurt down
We are saving you now: won’t have you drown

Grabbing your hand as we take you out of there
This is how we save you: boundaries up and no despair
I know it saddens you to see other families
That seem to get along so perfectly

But listen it is not your fault
What they did should have gone to court
It’s okay to be sad as we come to realize our worth
That was stolen so many times after birth

We need you to survive, thrive and live
You have so much love and joy to give
Let’s start today as we heal you
You are going to be okay. I know that about you.

You are going to be okay: let’s love and live

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

9 responses to “HURT ONE”

  1. This rips my heart apart.. To be the shadow carrier in the family is so tough. It was only when I got to read Jungian analyst Sylvia Brinton Perrera’s book on the Scapegoat Complex that I came to understand how the one carrying the family shadow screams alone in the wilderness,.. I said to my therapist today how angry it often has made me to have to carry all of this only for them to put me down or flat out ignore me.. Its bloody tough but as Christ said on the Crosss “forgive them father, for they know not what they do” that said rage and pain and seemingly unfathomable grief often have to precede that working through to foregiveness. Sending you encouragement. I see, feel and hear you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your understanding words and encouragement. It is so helpful when someone else understands and validates … thank you for that … ✨


      1. It literally saves us. I deeply understand that.

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  2. […] Wings where she shares her healing journey through trauma. And make sure to check out her post Hurt One. Powerful […]

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    1. Thank you for sharing … that is very kind of you! 🤍🦋✨


  3. this makes me cry. it is so beautiful. I am so sorry your family treated you so badly! Xoxo you are awesome and you will get through this!

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    1. Thank you for reading and your validating words … that means a lot … you are a wonderful person … I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment … and … yes … will get through this and thrive ✨🤍🦋


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