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This. I didn’t sign up for
Yet, the body keeps score
Triggers here
Warning bells there

Can’t put a bandaid on it
The pain will ooze out
Can’t sweep it under the rug
The body knows without a doubt

Human spirit wants to live
We have one life to give
Wish people would know
How showing up is like a show

Can’t draw a smile on the pain
The betrayal and hurt remains
Can’t act like everything is fine
When inside we are cryin’

A part of me says, “This is not fair!”
A part of me says, “Think. Don’t compare.”
Still on the outside looking in
Trying so hard to fit in

Which way do I go?

I know it’s not my fault
They’re to blame: their assault
But moments come up in life
Then, boom: back to trauma strife

Healing is not a race
But I’m tired of what I see
Tired of putting on a brave face
I want my children to be free

Generations of trauma pain
I see with my eyes
Work to be done in houses remains
Trapped: secrets and lies

Keys of truths and lies

I wish the abusers realized what they did
Perpetrators: lights they hide and steal
Hits, threats, verbal assaults, hurt kids
Taking from others is their meal

Society has a lot to learn
We need to listen to people’s pain
Not just court adjourned
Time doesn’t lessen: it still remains

Don’t you see?
People want to live
They want to be free
They have so much to give

See me … hear me … listen

So, if you are a victim reading this
Please know: it is not your fault
You’re not what happened to you
It goes back to them: their assault

You are the beautiful one
Who shines so bright
They tried to take your sun
But stronger is our light

Hurt one: I wish I had a quick fix for you
But healing journey we go through
Take a break today and have some fun
And remember, they are the evil ones

Run, sing, create, rest
Walk, write, draw and play
Do what you enjoy best
Don’t let them steal today

Heal and live

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

6 responses to “PEBBLES AND STONES”

  1. Heartbreaking and yet so powerful and optimistic ❣️❣️

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and your validating words. ✨

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  2. OH my god! So relatable. I will reblog this. I have to, its too good not to. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Peace to you 🤍 … thank you for sharing for others … there are so many people suffering and we need to be heard … to be understood … to be validated … and more … peace to you 🤍✨🦋


  3. Reblogged this on Therapy Bits and commented:
    This poem I so relate to!

    Thank you for putting into words how I feel at the moment, xoxo

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    1. Peace to you as we heal and grow and thrive and no longer feel fear 🤍✨🦋 … thank you for sharing with others … blessed and beautiful day to you!


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